The Master of “POWer”

The Master of “POWer”

What is a PowMaster?

A PowMaster is a person who manages, updates the company’s online information & content, such as Login IDs, access rights & passwords. Trained and equipped with administrative & organization skills in managing web-portals, c-Panel & webmail accounts. The person would be tasked with managing of online portals, remote desktop connection, helpdesk e-services & some common technical aspects of an integrated technology system.
Basically, a PowMaster is an illustrative position that combines Postmaster, Online administrator & Webmaster [ POW ]

  • 1. Postmaster of all email domains, accounts login & details
  • 2. Online Admin for QuickBooks Online, a subscription-based cloud accounting software
  • 3. Webmaster of www.apit.com.sg The official company’s website & its services

  • 1. No physical office to report, almost all services can be executed via remote access or online
  • 2. Able to operate from home with minimum time discipline (excludes urgent emergency cases.)
  • 3. Cashless payment on Transportation & telecommunication bills with corporate account

  • 1. Basic salary or commission based choices differ with project types, ranks & percentage [ELITE]
  • 2. Residual income for subscription schemes & products eg. QuickBooks Online
  • 3. Full CPF contribution & bonus regardless of the types of remuneration plan selected